Friendly Family Steakhouse

Here’s the kind of family steakhouse you may remember from nights out when you were a kid. Despite the cowboy theme, Roughstock’s menu offers as much seafood as steak, including local specialties like fried mullet. The crab finger appetizer is worth a try; it’s available broiled or fried, and the taste is light and fresh. The portion is enough for several diners to sample.

Steaks were cooked properly to order, and sides were tasty; options included sweet potatoes and several veggies. There are enough menu options to keep diners interested for multiple visits. Piggy found the service friendly and prompt. There’s nothing fancy here– this isn’t a special occasion or date-night place– but it’s an enjoyable night out.

Roughstock caters to families, and there’s a children’s menu with meals in the $5.00 range. There are also burger options for hungrier kids and teens. Entree prices are mostly under $20, so Roughstock is a more budget-friendly choice than the steakhouses along the beach. With its location in a strip mall in Lynn Haven, this isn’t a typical tourist destination, but you’ll find good food in a friendly setting.

Roughstocks Steakpit and Seafood on Urbanspoon


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