Viva El Paisa!

If you’ve lived out West, chances are you miss Mexican food.  Not the Americanized dishes, which are already tasty enough, but authentic corn tortillas, seafood dishes, and meats which go well beyond ground beef. 

El Paisa is your place for real Mexican cooking.  Try several of the nearly a dozen taco options—carnitas, fish, it’s all delicious.  Piggy’s first visit was crowned by a chimichanga filled with a pineapple-laden shredded beef mixture; it was sweet, spicy, and salty, topped with a cheese sauce so light it tasted more of butter than of cheese. 

My companion tried the Texas burrito, which offers terrific taste and appealing value for those with a Texas-sized appetite.  The accompanying beans are almost liquid, delightful in their slow-cooked flavor.  A merry group nearby ordered a traditional stew, festooned with carrots, which looked appealing despite the hot weather.  Piggy will report on that in a future installment.

The menu also features egg dishes; there’s plenty for breakfast, and for those looking for meat alternatives.  (Vegetarians: check out the vegetable fajitas.)

Prices are more than reasonable; platters are as low as $5.95, and even fajitas are attractively priced.  Service is personable, and plates arrive quickly enough for those on a lunch hour schedule.  The building is brightly painted—a high-visibility yellow on the outside, and artistic murals on the inside. 

So, don’t pass by the yellow restaurant on West 15th Street.   Stop in for a taste of the Mexican countryside; you’ll be glad you did. 

Address: 1900 West 15th Street, Panama City

Open Tuesday – Saturday, 9:00-9:00

Phone: 850-215-5771


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2 responses

  1. You talk about real Mexican food and then proceed to eat Ameri-Mex. Do yourself a favor, if your going to visit the only Mexican restaurant in the area (not counting taqueria La Michoacana ) try some Mexican dishes.

    This place has wonderful lengue, barbacoa and other utility meats, menudo, caldo de res, cabrito and other authentic dishes.

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